Meet the Band

Don White – Chief Tire Rotator and Lead Guitar

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Don started playing guitar at a very young age and brings lots of experience with him to our group. His guitar skills show him to be an outstanding performer and entertainer.

Pat McLoughlin – Top Oil and Lube Man – Front Man and Lead Vocals

Pat McLoughlin is equally lively and entertaining as the The Gas Pump Jockeys front man, a role he has had since the band’s inception twenty years ago. He too, is everywhere on stage and off. His banter with the audience is so entertaining that it’s often worth seeing the band just to see what will happen between the crowd and his wackiness. Also an excellent harmony singer, you might be surprised at how well he blends with the other vocalists in the group. Pat McLoughlin is the group’s epicenter and a dynamic performer, as well as the stage leader of The Gas Pump Jockeys. Promo Pat web

Scott Langley – Chief Coke Bottle Washer and Coffee Maker – Drummer & Vocals

Promo Scott web Talented drummer Scott Langley keeps The Gas Pump Jockeys on track throughout the show. A veteran of many successful bands, he keeps the pace of the show moving and pounds out the beat for all of those great songs. Though perched behind his drums, he also joins in on vocals. Heard on almost every song as a harmony voice, his range will leave you amazed. Pretty good for a guy who “is just the drummer”, but Scott Langley is so much more than that with The Gas Pump Jockeys.

Mike Losekamp – Tune Up Specialist –  Keyboards & Vocals

Mike is a former member of The Cyrkle, a chart-topping group with memorable songs like “Red Rubber Ball”, written by Paul Simon, and the original song, “Turn Down Day”. He is an amazing vocalist, keyboardist, and performer!
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Roscoe Rousculp – Chief Mechanic – Bass Guitar & Vocals

Promo Rick web He may be the newest jockey to join the band, but Mike “Roscoe” Rousculp’s resume is long and impressive.  He was a key member of the national band Dixie Peach who toured the country during the ‘70s in support of their self titled album.  Of late, he has been a key player in the Beatles Tribute band, “Ticket To Ride”, playing the role of Paul McCartney.As the bassist, he brings remarkable vocal skills to The Gas Pump Jockeys. He sings in a manner similar to not only Sir Paul, but like Steve Perry as well.  His harmony skills have enhanced the Jockeys already impressive vocal range, and his contributions musically have made this lineup of the band the very best in its long history.

Mark Smith – Check your tires, Look under the hood, Clean the windshield – Sound Man Extraordinaire

The stage members of The Gas Pump Jockeys will quickly and unanimously admit that the most important member of the organization is the sound man, and in this band that person is Mark Smith.  Mark spins the correct dials and pushes the right buttons that balances the sound of the band, controls the volume and insures that those listening to The Gas Pump Jockeys has an enjoyable experience. Without Mark Smith, The Gas Pump Jockeys would sound like every other self-service filling station musical group that hurts your ears and makes your eyes water. But thankfully he is with The Gas Pump Jockeys and his talents place them above all of the others.




  1. Hi Pat,

    Heard the Jockers are in a transition period. I’m hoping & betting it will all work out & the band will be better than ever! When & where will the “new mix” premier? If possible, we will try to be there for the event. Heard you already have “plugged in” the new components. How about some names & background info on them? Kitty & I really love the concept of your band & wish all of you the very best. The theme you chose for the group fits the music you play extremely well & adds a lot to the fun of remembering how life was way back then. Hang in there & keep on keepin’ on!

    Fans First & Friends Forever,

    Rockin’ Randy & Kute Lil’ Kitty
    “The Crazy Cunninghams”

  2. We enjoyed their music so much yesterday at the union county fair grounds. My husband is 64 and I am 62 and we remember all the music that they played. How can we get a cd of their music ?

  3. Thank you very much for your request. We appreciate loyal fans such as yourselves. You can download our CD, Premium Gas, on iTunes. You can also go to Amazon as well. Simply type in Gas Pump Jockeys to find the CD.

    If you are interested in a hard copy, we can ship it to you for $13.00 (includes shipping). Please let us know what would be convenient for you. If you want the hard copy shipped, please send us an address and we will be in touch.

    Thank you for your interest and hope to see you at future shows. Please introduce yourselves to the band so we can thank you in person.

  4. Pat,
    Congratulations ! I noticed you have a concert at Hollywood Columbus coming soon. Ed & I will try and make it !
    Let the good times roll !

  5. Hey Pat and the Gas Pump Jockeys! We are so looking forward to seeing and hearing you this Friday night, July 17, in Canal Winchester–6:30 – 9:30 p.m. Rain or shine, we will be there!

  6. Bravo to Pat and the Gas Pump Jockeys! You guys ROCK! We had a great time tonight and a request has been sent to Mayor Ebert to schedule you again for next year. Thanks for another enjoyable evening.

  7. Second time I have seen you at anglers paradise. Have your cd bought it last year. love your music. can’t wait until next year to hear you again. In the meantime I will play the cd. You guys are great. Keep up the good work

  8. Nice website. You have quite a geeetar player in Dandy Don White. I’ll track you down sometime. gig young. Billy Huber

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